Plaid Barbour Scarves

Barbour has these wonderful, great quality plaid scarves (for men and women) that I just HAD to share with you. And the great thing is that they have different plaids, tartans, ginghams, and checks for each style. Many of them come in different colors, so be sure to click on the link to see all options. 
Tatersall Check Scarf (this scarf was also featured in the Saint Patrick's Day Outfit Ideas post)

Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2014

Altuzarra's Fall/Winter 2014 collection was colorful, with dark colors to aid in making the colors pop. 
Here are some of my favorite looks: 
♥ the fuzzy, colorful plaid!

You can see how the black really makes the colors vibrant. 

I love this look because the black really defines the wedge of color in the top. 
You can check out more of the show here

Plaid in NYC

Yesterday, I spent a lovely spring afternoon/evening in NYC. We started on Madison Avenue and went down and finished at Saks (5th Avenue). We got lucky, the weather was mostly beautiful (a bit windy). Here are some plaid things I saw during my time in the city: 
Saks Fifth Avenue- Plaid Dress Suit (CHANEL)

Saks Fifth Avenue- Plaid Top (MARNI)
Saks Fifth Avenue- Black and White Plaid Heel & Plaid w/Floral Heel (OSCAR DE LA RENTA) ooh la la 
Madison Ave- Gingham Slip-On Shoe (TORY BURCH)

On the streets- Lovely plaid jacket, it's a bit hard to see with the light.

Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion- Plaid Ralph Lauren Home Table Set

Plaid Wallpaper at the Children's Store on Madison Avenue

More Plaid Wallpaper!

Plaid Wallpaper & Cushions at Ralph Lauren Children's Store (Madison Avenue) 

While wandering, we decided to pop into a small consignment shop on the street. I found this interesting plaid dress; I didn't get it, but I thought I'd show it to you. It is made out of two different patterned materials, yet they line up perfectly. 
I saw a ton of plaid things in shops and on the streets but it was sunny and iPhone cameras aren't the best so some of the other photos didn't come out well. 

Plaid Snapshot: Lee (Alexander) McQueen & Sarah Jessica Parker

Late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker wear a classic red plaid at the Met Ball in 2006. 
Photo Credit:

Burberry Women's Fall/Winter Runway Show

The Burberry Runway Show had lovely, subtle elements of plaid to it, not to mention a beautiful, grand  opening. Here are some of my personal favorites from the show:
This look has a very subtle plaid thrown into the pattern of the scarf.

Again, a subtle plaid, notice the scarf is tucked into the belt and is uneven. 

This was probably the most drapery I have seen in a show; flow-y dresses and flow-y scarves, both worked together fabulously.  

This is a bit of a darker color scheme than the rest of the looks, and I love the symmetrical dress paired with the elegant black lace. 

All the accessories for this show were absolutely gorgeous, I love how this bag looks like the patterns were drawn on with chalk.  

This is a fabulous bag for spring, I love the design and the colors. 

The silhouette-with-glowing-windows theme was really nice, and the background gives you a feel of the sun just going down. 
You can view the full show here.

Plaid Snapshot: Marc Jacobs

Photo Credit:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's everyone!
Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NY. 
If you love plaid and tartan like I do, this is a glorious day when normal people all over don plaid, like you do the rest of the year. Now the question is, what type of plaid do you wear? Generally, there are two types of plaid (this is VERY general, there are thousands of types of plaids): Scottish & Irish. Normally, you can tell Scottish from Irish because Scottish is normally red, and Irish is normally green (or saffron). That rule is good for most parades and celebrations. It gets confusing when you go into the clans because they use all different colors. 
Tartans of Scottish Clans. 
Irish Defense Force in saffron. 

Traditional Irish Kilt. 

Traditional Scottish Kilt. 
Since Saint Patrick's Day is Irish, your best bet would be to wear a green plaid. Let me know in the comments how your festivities went!

PS: Did you guys check out the Google Doodle today? 

*I do not own any of these pictures. All photos are from Google Images. 

Irish Plaids

In honor of Saint Patty's tomorrow, this post is all about traditional plaids in Ireland. You can try to incorporate some of these plaids into your Saint Patrick's Day outfit. If you don't have the exact plaid, then you can wear one with a simular color scheme. For example, the Tipperary plaid looks like traditional red plaid that you can find in most people's closets. The Irish National plaid looks like a standard green plaid that, again, most people have. Then you get a bit more specialized with ones like the Londonderry or Longford that have tricky color schemes. If you have a plaid that looks like this, great, but if you don't then go with Galway, Tipperary, Meath, Limerick, Roscommon, Irish National, or Louth. 
Photo Credit: 

Saint Patrick's Day Outfit Ideas

Piece some of these green elements together for an amazing Saint Patty's Day outfit. 
♥'s next to all my faves on the list!

2. Emerald Raised Icon Bangle, by Vineyard Vines ON SALE!
3. Rope Bracelet, by Vineyard Vines 
4. Gemstone Collar Necklace, by Sam Moon 
5. British Waterways Beaufort (print also available in tote & clutch forms), by Barbour 
6. 'Hallee' Pump (Nordstrom Exclusive), by Vince Camuto ON SALE!
7. Original Tall Hunter Boot, by Hunter 
8.Gramercy Pump, by Nine West ON SALE!
9. Derby Oxford, by Rollie 
10. Skull Ballet Flat, by Alexander McQueen 
11. Slimming Modern Straight Jeans, by Ralph Lauren
12. Nita Top, by Anthropologie 
13. Bastrop Bee Bangle in Green, by Francesca's 
14. Vadalia Buckle Messanger, by Francesca's
15. Taylor Studded Clutch, by Francesca's 
16. Plaid Blazer, by Banana Republic ON SALE! 
18. Tatersall Check Scarf, by Barbour 

Meet Plaid's Weird Cousin: Gingham

I like to refer to gingham as plaid's weird cousin because gingham is like a branch off of plaid, though not included in plaid's direct family. (I've thought about this too much) 
Many people often wonder what the difference is (if there is a difference) between plaid and gingham. As a plaid lover, it drives me crazy when someone has a gingham shirt on and calls it plaid. To clear up any confusion, and to know how to identify each, here you go:
GINGHAM- Gingham is two stripes (normally the same width), in two colors (usually the second color is just a lighter shade of the first color), horizontally and vertically crossed on a white background (the background can be other colors than white.) Reminds me of picnic blankets and graph paper.
PLAID- Plaid is two or more colored stripes (the colors aren't just different shades of the other stripes, like in gingham), crossed vertically and horizontally, normally different widths, on a solid background. The stripes overlap to create squares of different shades.

Gingham Photo Credit:

Isabel Marant's Fall 2014-2015 Collection

The French fashion house's show had lovely, subtle, elements of plaid. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:
First of all, I really like the color scheme that she used for most of the outfits. Deep greens, yellow/golds, browns, olive, and grey. I also like the texture of the sweater with the texture of the skirt. I don't know if you can see it, but at the neck of the shirt there is a really nice chain mail detail. 

This is a really classic-looking plaid. ♥ the shape (or lack of shape) in the pants. 

There is a lot of detail in this look. The gold stitching shows nicely with the plaid. 

Again, I love the chain mail necklace and the layered sweater look. I really want those metallic-y socks. 

The color of this jumpsuit is perfect for fall. 
You can check out the full show here
Isabel Marant has gotten over one of the biggest obstacles in the fashion industry by making clothes that are beautiful and comfortable. 

Until next time...

Analysis of Tommy's Show

The Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2014 Runway Show was full of plaid. Tommy gave us a beautiful snowy mountain set, complete with fake snow and a winding catwalk.

I was SUPER excited to see the different plaids used in different ways. Here are some highlights of the show, from the website:
I love the fringe detail of this dress. 
There is a contrast between the orange and green of the coat to the plaid, yet they go perfectly. 

I love their hats! They look so warm & cozy!                                   

I really like this coat because the black velour type material looks really beautiful with the blue-based plaid.

I actually saw a coat quite simular to this at a Goodwill shop a few weeks ago...

I like how it's a large plaid on this dress and I love the neckline. 

This is a really pretty plaid, the blue color scheme is lovely. Fringe and plaid look better together than I'd have thought. 

I like the pattern & fabric of this bag. 

 This oversized sweater dress is made out of different knits. I think I'll try to stitch something like it out of thrifted sweaters. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Tommy's show; he never disappoints me. 

Until Next Time...