Burberry Women's Fall/Winter Runway Show

The Burberry Runway Show had lovely, subtle elements of plaid to it, not to mention a beautiful, grand  opening. Here are some of my personal favorites from the show:
This look has a very subtle plaid thrown into the pattern of the scarf.

Again, a subtle plaid, notice the scarf is tucked into the belt and is uneven. 

This was probably the most drapery I have seen in a show; flow-y dresses and flow-y scarves, both worked together fabulously.  

This is a bit of a darker color scheme than the rest of the looks, and I love the symmetrical dress paired with the elegant black lace. 

All the accessories for this show were absolutely gorgeous, I love how this bag looks like the patterns were drawn on with chalk.  

This is a fabulous bag for spring, I love the design and the colors. 

The silhouette-with-glowing-windows theme was really nice, and the background gives you a feel of the sun just going down. 
You can view the full show here.