Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's everyone!
Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NY. 
If you love plaid and tartan like I do, this is a glorious day when normal people all over don plaid, like you do the rest of the year. Now the question is, what type of plaid do you wear? Generally, there are two types of plaid (this is VERY general, there are thousands of types of plaids): Scottish & Irish. Normally, you can tell Scottish from Irish because Scottish is normally red, and Irish is normally green (or saffron). That rule is good for most parades and celebrations. It gets confusing when you go into the clans because they use all different colors. 
Tartans of Scottish Clans. 
Irish Defense Force in saffron. 

Traditional Irish Kilt. 

Traditional Scottish Kilt. 
Since Saint Patrick's Day is Irish, your best bet would be to wear a green plaid. Let me know in the comments how your festivities went!

PS: Did you guys check out the Google Doodle today? 

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