Plaid in NYC

Yesterday, I spent a lovely spring afternoon/evening in NYC. We started on Madison Avenue and went down and finished at Saks (5th Avenue). We got lucky, the weather was mostly beautiful (a bit windy). Here are some plaid things I saw during my time in the city: 
Saks Fifth Avenue- Plaid Dress Suit (CHANEL)

Saks Fifth Avenue- Plaid Top (MARNI)
Saks Fifth Avenue- Black and White Plaid Heel & Plaid w/Floral Heel (OSCAR DE LA RENTA) ooh la la 
Madison Ave- Gingham Slip-On Shoe (TORY BURCH)

On the streets- Lovely plaid jacket, it's a bit hard to see with the light.

Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion- Plaid Ralph Lauren Home Table Set

Plaid Wallpaper at the Children's Store on Madison Avenue

More Plaid Wallpaper!

Plaid Wallpaper & Cushions at Ralph Lauren Children's Store (Madison Avenue) 

While wandering, we decided to pop into a small consignment shop on the street. I found this interesting plaid dress; I didn't get it, but I thought I'd show it to you. It is made out of two different patterned materials, yet they line up perfectly. 
I saw a ton of plaid things in shops and on the streets but it was sunny and iPhone cameras aren't the best so some of the other photos didn't come out well.