Memorial Day Wekend 2014!

I know this post is a bit late, compared to all my preppy blogger counterparts posting the day after, but I was busy because I have some family from California coming over this week. My Memorial Day Weekend was one of the best in my memory, I have to say. Saturday was mostly a prep-day (prep for preparation, that is, not to be confused with our main type of prep); I finished few put-off and lingering errands from the week, and gathered all my supplies needed for a great Memorial Day Weekend! (including watermelon, what would be Memorial Day without watermelon?) Then Sunday, we, being my family, dog, and I, went to the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair, the "mane event" you might say (haha). We were there pretty much the whole day, as there is so much to see! Tons of prep everywhere you look. Plaid, pink, green, brand logos flashed about like gang signs everywhere you went. Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, Sperry (oh, so much Sperry!), Kate Spade, Tory Burch, you name it! I tried snapping some pictures of the pieces I liked best without seeming too creepy, but that proved harder than you would think. Anyway, here's my Memorial Day Weekend in photos: 

First off, as we were walking to the show, there was a string of horse-drawn carriages, complete with passengers in their appropriate period-dress.

necklace detail against this great Lilly print. 

Devon Horse Show & Country Fair, since 1896. 

 Most of the booths at the Devon Horse Show are preppy small businesses, like this super cute tote from Crabberrie
Also love this cross-body bag from Sloane Ranger

Doesn't this look like the perfect summer closet? 
We always appreciate a little Lilly. 

 An important message. 

I thought this was very clever and creative, and a great idea for all of my ribbons sitting around. 

 The BEST freshly made ice cream I have ever had. 
via @PlaidIsMyFavouriteColour Instagram  Note the Sperry's. 

Oakley has very good taste in flats. (he especially loves his Tory's) 

These boots are so sleek and beautiful, maybe just worth the $750. 

I'll have to keep my eyes open while thrifting for these ones...

This print is very classic-looking and traditional. 

Another great summer closet...

...And this would be your perfect fall closet. Quilted jacket ✓, Elbow patches ✓, but where is the plaid? 
Here it is! In the spotlight, of course!

 Just slap a horse bit on anything and it instantly becomes preppy. 

Horse bits = insta-preppy. 

Classy plates. 
I loved this pillow print and the whip-mugs. The mugs are big, so they are perfect for warm hot coco in the winter. 

These are the classiest disposable napkins in the world; we did end up buying them. 

We got these soaps too, as an equestrian, I love how the font used for the words on each soap represents each gait; walk is slow and even, trot is bouncy and curly, and the canter is smooth. 
Pearls and horseshoes - perfect prep. via @PlaidIsMyFavouriteColour Instagram 

One of my favorite stands had to be Dubarry of Ireland, with the guy casually just standing in a box of water, in his beautiful boots...

Stalker Photo #1- Lilly skirt!

Stalker Photo #2- Very nice and classy hats, but they got in the way a bit when taking pictures. 

Oakley, Tory, Sperry's, and Lilly. What could be better? 

The booths were a ton of fun, but it was thrill to watch the show jumping. 

There were friendly dogs everywhere, so Oakley made lots of friends. via @PlaidIsMyFavouriteColour Instagram 

After a fun, yet tiring, Saturday, I spent my Sunday relaxing and enjoying the fact that I don't have to wake up early on Monday. 

 Watermelon is key for a great Memorial Day. 
Colorful plates also help. 

Even Oakley was chilling. 

Oakley getting a bit too comfortable in my Sperry's. via @PlaidIsMyFavouriteColour Instagram 

 Homemade pizza with fresh basil from my windowsill garden. Yum. via @PlaidIsMyFavouriteColour Instagram 

Our hanging baskets are thriving with all the sun and they set a lovely backdrop for Memorial Day Weekend, and for the rest of the summer. via @PlaidIsMyFavouriteColour Instagram 

 How did you spend your long weekend? 

Memorial Day Cheesecake Tart With Berries!

I was cruising around the inter-webs yesterday, and I came across this lovely cheesecake tart with berries, and thought it would be just perfect for a Memorial Day brunch (or lunch or dinner). It might look a bit intimidating at first because the prep time is 2 hours and 50 minutes (!), making the total time 3 hours and 30 minutes. This recipe includes how to make the crust too, but you can use a store-bought one, and save time. The recipe also has pecans in it, but if you have a nut allergy, like moi, you can skip the nuts and the product will turn out just as delicious! In the picture they used raspberries and blackberries, but you can use any type of berry. 
Happy Cooking!

Music In May

It's just that time of year where the hard part is over (mostly), and a relaxing summer is approaching fast on the horizon. However, we do still have work and other stressful things to get done before the summer. I find that music is the only thing that pulls me through these last few weeks. Perfect for light assignments, if you're finishing school up, or jogging around town, if you need to work off the winter "baby" fat and get in shape for summer. Here are some of favorites:      

Indie- Riptide, by Vance Joy. I love the sound of this, how you can hear his voice clearly, unlike many of today's popular songs.

Rap- Kill A Hipster by Watsky. This is very light rap, I don't like anything too heavy or gangster for spring or summer. It's basically a poem read out loud with a beat to it. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem are also very poetic rappers.

Country- Ok, well I don't really like country music too much, but if you need something ironic for a 4th of July barbecue Made In America, by Toby Keith is classic country (or if you're feeling especially patriotic, you can try my personal favorite, Hugh Laurie's Song for America).

Cultural- I know that Le Festin, by Camille from Disney Pixar's Ratatouille doesn't exactly count as cultural, but I didn't know what other group to put it in. It's really calming and nice for light work or something artistic.

70s- Dream On, by Aerosmith. This is fabulous for a light morning jog. Run faster at the end when his voice gets high(er).

Reggae- Buffalo Soldier, by Bob Marley. This is so happy and upbeat, I love this when I am just relaxing, doing nothing in particular. 

Mint Green Dreams

Every season I have a sort of favorite color, or color scheme, that I really obsess over. For spring/summer this year, mint green is perfect for my everything - clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. I love mint green because it looks so refreshing and it can come in various shades making you wonder, "Is it blue?" "Is it green?!" "Something in between?!" Here are some of my favorite mint accessories!

Gemini Horoscope Murfee Scarf, By Lilly Pulitzer  Perfect for slightly-breezy summertime walks on the beach. 

 I have literally been dreaming of these Kate Spade flats in seafoam. Looks great in pink too. 
You can match with your dog or cat with this Mint Green Bow Tie Collar, by Maisonlaqueue on Etsy.

#TBT to 'Plaid in NYC'

Remember the post, Plaid in NYC, way back from March? Well, I was doing some plaid researching (yes, I do spend time doing that), and found the interesting plaid dress, that I saw in a consignment shop, is actually a Rag & Bone Saami plaid wool shift dress. It sells from $120- $450 from Net-A-Porter and Polyvore. This just shows you to always keep your eyes open for valuable and stylish thrift shop treasures. 
The plaid Rag & Bone dress found at a consignment shop in NYC.