Incorporating Ralph Lauren Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Often during the summer, us prepsters pack away most of our Ralph Lauren (and similar) and bring out our Lilly Pulitzer (and similar). I do admit that donning the bright patterns helps give a brighter outlook on things, which is very fitting for summer, and they just have a more tropical-party-ish feel to them. Ralph Lauren has the perfect autumn look, and can get quite overlooked during the summer. All this said, don't store all your Ralph away just yet. Here are some great ways to incorporate my-bff-who-doesn't-know-me (read: Ralph Lauren) into your summer wardrobe: 

  • POLOS- I have a very serious obsession with polos. To the point I believe it is unhealthy. They come in every color in the rainbow (and then some), a bunch of patterns, and tons of styles. Between me and my mother, I have one to go with just about everything I own. When my closet is organized with all my polos together, it can look like a rainbow field filled with little people playing polo all over because of the logos. They can be casual or dressy, depending on what you pair them with. Just another reason to love polos; they're so versatile. Ralph Lauren makes them out of a perfectly light-but-high-quality fabric, so they don't get too heavy in the summer. Perfect for everything from polo to sailing, plus all the average things the rest of us do like work and buy groceries. 
A selective few from the Ralph Lauren section in my collection of polos. 

  • SHORTS- Ralph Lauren has cute classy shorts that work perfectly with polos (what doesn't work perfectly with a polo?), and other tops. They come in vivid solid colors, or preppy summer patterns like madras plaid. Just add a preppy belt (another thing I have tons of...) and your're all set. 
Preppy d-ring ribbon belt buckles...

...and then a more traditional buckle, what can you expect from Ralph Lauren? 


  1. I keep my long-sleeved RL oxfords out year-round! They're perfect for any day! :)

    Great post!


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