Movie Soundtracks & A Contemplation On Myself

I love movie soundtracks because they convey the emotion and feeling of the film (or part of the film), most of the time without words. I like to play my favorite soundtracks in the background to do my work to. Here are my favorites, try playing them softly to your work. The contemplation on myself starts at the bottom.
1. War Horse (listed as one of my favorite movies in this post). I like the music from this film, prior to the war, at the beginning when they were all happily living in Devon, it has a cheery Celtic feel to it. I personally like the track called 'The Homecoming'
2. Ratatouille. This just carries the perfect traditional French aura to it. Play this album when you are having a semi-casual dinner party and need something jazzy to both impress guests and set the mood. My favorite tracks out of the album are 'Le Festin' and the 'End Creditouilles'.
3. The Lord of the Rings . Like War Horse, I prefer 'Concerning Hobbits' which is a light Celtic inspired piece that is pre-epic-journey-to-destroy-the-ring and is actually quite calming.
4. Yves Saint Laurent (remember I listed this movie as one I was looking forward to in this post). Very French, but not all of the tracks have that fast, lively beat like the Ratatouille soundtrack. Some tracks are more classical and serious, and some are very jazzy and fun and you might find yourself bobbing along to the beat and getting lost in it (I'm typing in sync with the music right now).
5. Downton Abbey. I know this is technically not a movie, but if you watch all the episodes at one time like I do, it takes about as much time to watch as a movie does. Whenever I play it at home it makes me feel like my house is instantly the Ralph Lauren home collection. Very nice to work to, makes everything a bit more dramatic, though.

As I was writing this post and looking it over, I noticed some patterns in my music choices and I also think I forgot how old I was am, as I often do when I'm writing. I observed that I prefer Celtic inspired/English countryside type music (War Horse and The Lord of the Rings), and I also like jazzy French music mixed with classical. A lot of times when I'm writing I forget that I'm a 12 year old (almost 13!) girl writing from New Jersey. If you were to ask me what my favorite song was I would answer 'Le Festin' without batting an eyelash, but I bet if you asked most other 12 year old girls they would answer the latest pop song (I can't even name any at the moment). I sometimes wonder why I'm different to them and the answer  I arrive at oftentimes leads back to my early childhood (I'm still in my childhood, I guess), watching Masterpiece Theater with my mother (who had a British education, so she's not exactly a typical American mother...) and watching the runway shows on Cinémoi (I could always recognize Anna Wintour for her hair and sunglasses), not to mention the operas (the ending of Madame Butterfly scared me when I was little) and ballets. Having a foreign mom helped me become more aware of the world and know that there is more than our small town out there, which I think some of the inhabitants of our area have forgotten. I think living so near to New York City helped me too, we can go for an afternoon whenever we want and I got to know Madison and Fifth Avenue really well (I'm privileged to know that the Ralph Lauren mansion bathroom is the best, but if you can't hold it until then, then the Saks Fifth Avenue restrooms are quite nice too and I bet most kids in my grade don't know about the entire floor of shoes at Saks). I travelled to England and France last summer and learned so much about the culture, language, history, architecture, food, and anything else my brain could bear to take in (although my French is still pretty bad). The movie I'm looking forward to most in summer is in French and nobody else in my area has heard of it (except my family who has heard me ramble on about it for ages). I follow all the fashion weeks and runway shows and collections, but I don't follow any sports, unlike my peers. For sixth grade yearbook I put Downton Abbey as my favorite show (and they spelled it 'Downtown Abby', I was very annoyed). My style is more refined and classical than others my age. I look up to Hamish Bowles and Grace Coddington (I loved reading her book) when most people my age haven't even heard of them. We're not rich, we just prioritize how we spend our money differently. We buy high quality clothes at GoodWill, instead of cheap expensive clothes from the mall. I'm honestly not trying to be pretentious or fancy. I'm just thinking that I am so lucky to be this cultured at my age and I can only imagine how I'd be when I'm grown up. I'm not saying that I'm better or more superior than anyone, I'm just recognizing all the gifts and privileges I have growing up and I'm thanking my parents for all of it.


  1. I'm a fan of soundtracks too! I particularly like the Harry Potter ones haha


  2. Concerning the Hobbits is one of my all time favorite movie pieces! I wish my life looked the way this song sounded--peaceful, whimsical, and green :)