What to Watch

Everyone loves spending a few lazy Sunday evenings watching movies. I always have a list in my head of great movies (and some documentaries) to watch whenever I'm home sick, bored, or having a nice movie night with me, myself, and I (plus Oakley). 

1. WAR HORSE - I love this movie too much for words. The scenery, the music, the acting, the scenes, everything. My first-choice, go-to movie whenever I'm sick, bored, or having a movie night. 
2. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - This is a great look into the harsh world of fashion as well as an interesting film. It shows you that it's not all just glamour and fun; there's hard work involved.  
3. VAN HELSING - Stars Hugh Jackman as the second-life monster hunter and Kate Beckinsale as the last daughter in a family cursed to wait in purgatory until Dracula is dead. In addition to Dracula and vampires, also has werewolves and Frankenstein. 
4. FANTASTIC MR. FOX - My favorite Wes Anderson film to date. Based on the children's book by Roald Dahl. 
5. THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE - Shows all the mania and craze that happens to have a wonderful September Issue (as the name implies). From photo shoots, to fashion shows, to editing and layout, and everything in between. 

Also, what I'm looking forward to in theaters
  • Yves Saint Laurent - June 25 (USA) 
    • About a young Yves Saint Laurent taking over one of the biggest fashion houses in France, as well as personal issues too. I like this trailer instead of the one listed on IMDB. 
  • The Giver - August 15 (USA) 
    • In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world. Based on the novel by Lois Lowry. 
  • Mood Indigo - July 18 (USA) 
    • Another French arthouse film, this time about how a wealthy, inventive bachelor endeavors to find a cure for his lover Chloe after she's diagnosed with an unusual illness caused by a flower growing in her lungs.


  1. I'm so super excited for the Giver as well! And I love the Devil Wears Prada :)

    -em xx
    gotta get back to her