The Tiny, Candy-Coloured Houses of Georgetown

In Georgetown, there is the crowded city area with all the shops and restaurants (and a good amount of cupcake bakeries), and there is also quieter, cozy, paper thin houses lining some of the back streets. Tiny, pastel colored things in rows lining the uneven streets of the city. A Ladurée-like color scheme, but venturing a bit farther from just light pinks, blues, and greens. The doors and shutters were painted in contrasting colors. They were beautiful to look at and there were dozens of streets like these, but those cobblestones are hard on your feet, so you can only look at so many before retreating to the relatively gentle paved roads of the main streets. 
Light blue with dark blue; flowers and greenery are always a nice touch.
Rows of beautiful, colorful houses and trees.

Because the streets are so narrow and the houses so thin, all the cars were very small, compact, and cute; my father's red RAM truck wouldn't fit.
The shutters and doors are in contrasting colors to the building, the perfecting touch.

The spire in the background is that of Georgetown University.

Some of the houses were slightly larger and had nice details like this brick arch with vines.

This photo is good to show exactly how close together and compact these houses are.

In addition to tiny cars, another very popular form of transportation in Georgetown are bicycles. They zip by everywhere.

There was also more vintage looking houses with chipping paint, faded colors, and exposed bricks.

Add vespas to our list of popular transportation. I am particularly fond of this light blue one. 

Georgetown: Day 2

The second installment of my adventures in the Georgetown/Washington D.C. area. Read Day One here

During the morning we walked around Washington D.C. and did a self-guided tour of the White House. All of the buildings were in the same style. 
Columns and American flags everywhere. I wouldn't be able to tell one building from the next, for the life of me.
I've got to say, it wasn't a very big deal for all the security we had to go through. We got to see a few rooms, paintings, china, and the like, but nothing else really. It was very toned-down and classic, compared to, say, Versailles or Buckingham Palace. Not flashy at all. I did, however, get to see the back of Beyoncé. She was on a separate, private tour, and we managed to get a glimpse of her back (she was wearing red). It's amazing how much faster my grandmother will walk when Beyoncé is mentioned.
Afterwards, we got lunch at one of those hipster, organic sandwich shops nearby. It was a bit crowded with lawyers and business people having their lunch break.
In the afternoon we went to a George Washington University open house and tour for my brother, because this trip is for him to look at colleges, anyway. By legend, if you rub the ears, tusks, or muzzle of this hippo (or water horse, as the plaque said), then it will give you good luck to do well on your exams.

Georgetown, Day 1

Just a little update, I'll keep this one short because I'm currently writing from a hotel lobby with wobbly internet connection, and my phone's dead. If you're following Plaid Is My Favourite Colour on Instagram, then you would know that I'm in Georgetown and the Washington D.C. area this week to look at colleges, for my brother, and just explore in general. Georgetown is a very trendy town, hipsters and coffee shops in every direction. Our hotel is conveniently located, so that we can walk over a bridge, to the city, whenever. Here are my pictures so far, the ones I can get to without my phone because, as I said before, it's dead.

I love Ralph Lauren stores in any location. 
River (or lake) we passed while walking in Georgetown. 
Preppy chandelier reflected in a preppy mirror in Brooks Brothers (a preppy store). The prep level in this picture is through the roof.  
For lunch we went to Ristorante Piccolo. 
Another from Ristorante Piccolo.
This is the view form the bridge we cross to get from our hotel to Georgetown. The spires in the background are Georgetown University, one of the colleges we will be visiting this week for my brother.
Some vibrant wall art we passed in the car going to our hotel.
The staircase at Old Glory BBQ, our first meal in Georgetown.
The outdoor menu looked promising enough. 
From the floor, to the ceiling, was very patriotic.

A Herd of Horses

The sky was grey and the gravel crunched beneath us as we smoothly rolled into park. A once-majestic, now-faded, bay steed rears proudly on a dusty sign that reads, Malibu Ranch, welcoming us to the rustic land where cowboy boots seemed to be the preferred shoe. I was a bit out of place, in Ralph Lauren Carolina blue shorts, a white (!) polo, and sandals. In my defense, had I known we were going to be visiting farms, I would have dressed completely different. But, alas, I didn't, so there I was, hopping to avoid presents, for lack of better words, left by the horses in the middle of the path, on our way to the fence that separates a field of fly-bitten horses and ourselves. We reached the pasture and patted the horses, they just stood there, I think some of them might have been looking for food. All along the way, the 'ranch hands', I guess we'd call them, kept telling us to stay to the side because they were bringing horses through. Quite frankly, the only horses I saw, not in that field, were of the steel variety, and I wasn't expecting much. I didn't know how they would bring them out, or how many; I thought they would have two or three in halters and lead lines and walk them through. As we were walking back to our car, one of the cowboys, jeans, hat, and boots all present, told us to hop on a small stone wall, slightly taller than the road, but a clear barrier. A thundering of hooves erupted from behind us and I turned backwards to see a herd of galloping horses all led by a cowboy on a snow white steed, coming toward us. They moved as a team, not pinning their ears or biting or kicking one another, but galloping together.They cantered past us, each horse a bit slower than the one before, until all that was left was the old horses walking, and a tiny donkey that was cantering, but it was still the same pace as a horse walking.

That cute little donkey.

The donkey leading all the old horses.

I think this is just such a beautiful silhouette; the haze you might be seeing is dust from the horses galloping.  
These horses were more at the front of the pack. 

The cowboy leading the herd. 
Some of them stopped on the sides to nibble grass.

They paid no attention to us whatsoever while we were snapping their pictures.

This cowboy is: a) Galloping forward; b) Looking backwards; c) Holding on with one hand. And he still manages to stay on. I'm still in awe.

Grey Towers

We visited my aunt for her birthday, and stopped at the Grey Towers Historical Site. It was a gorgeous building, but its garden was even more beautiful. We came too late for a tour, but I did manage to snap a view pictures before we had to leave. 

Vanilla SoftLips

Around springtime, I used up the last of my favorite lip balm, a SoftLips in Vanilla. I loved the smell, flavor, and pure softness of it, and the fact that it is a skinny, rounded lip balm, rather than the normal squat thick ones. Some lip balms will make your lips very wet and glossy (can be bad if you have messy hair), and some will do absolutely nothing and leave your lips dry, but this is the best in my experience, moist but not wet, smooth and light, and it has an SPF of 20. I have been looking for the same one for quite a while now; everywhere I looked they seemed to be that they didn't carry them, it sold out, misplaced, etc. My brother has some camping trip thing coming up and we had to get him his supplies, so we traveled to a Walmart, which is always interesting, to say the least (I normally don't like tagging along on these trips, but we were right in the area). We were right at the counter, candy bars and People magazine in sight, and I noticed the SoftLips label. The container said berry lip balm, but I looked in anyway. There, shining in all its stark white glory, was my vanilla SoftLips. I snatched it up right away and put it on the counter to pay. I was much happier than most people are when buying a lip balm.

Lunch at Victor's Cafe NYC

For my birthday on Tuesday, my family and I headed out to NYC for the day (my past two posts have also been about NYC). We walked around Madison for a while, then headed to 5th, but stopped on 52nd for a long awaited and well deserved lunch break at Victor's Cafe. I don't have many pictures of my meals there; I was a bit hungry so I ate whatever they brought out right away. I ordered the Fritas Cubanas, cuban style chorizo & beef sliders, with matchstick fries. The sliders were the most flavorful burgers I have ever tasted. It was chorizo in burger form. In an American burger you might find ketchup, but in this burger there was salsa instead. I made everyone at the table 'witness' the awesome taste to prove it wasn't just me. The ambiance was tropical and quintessentially Cuban.

The louvered shutters and wooden pergola lent a natural light to the place, in contrast to the hanging lanterns,  that dangled at different intervals, and gave the room an amiable warm glow. Greenery complimented the ceiling; the fans were a beautiful, elegant contraption, but did not serve much of a cooling purpose.
The only meal I managed to get a picture of before it got devoured. A creamy flan with fresh strawberries. For dessert we also had a chocolate molten cake served with coconut ice cream. The warm, rich chocolate was fantastic with the freshness of the coconut ice cream. With the coconut ice cream,  I thought it might be a bit overpowering, because most coconut flavors were, but I was clearly mistaken by this wonderful taste. 
It was a delicious and marvelous experience, I certainly recommend trying it out, and I can't wait to go again.

Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion

Words cannot describe my love and appreciation for Ralph Lauren. I love the image, the essence, the feeling, the aura, the illusion he creates. He has achieved the ultimate goal of any artist, to develop a world. Generally, there are multiple facets to Ralph Lauren: the English country estate side, here you get your tweeds, jodhpurs, riding boots, etc. Then there's the American dream, western, glamorous cowboy side: with the cowboy boots, fringe, denim, belt buckles and everything else like that. Lastly there is the yacht and beach type: polo's, shorts, boat shoes, things embellished with ropes and anchors. We visited the Ralph Lauren mansion on Tuesday for my birthday (we also went to Ladurée). If you have not been here before, I seriously recommend visiting. Everything is so perfect (especially the restrooms!). I think one of the reasons it seems perfect to me is that it is all done with such confidence, it makes you think that you would be crazy to think otherwise. Fake it 'til you make it; act like you are right and others will believe you are. Everything Ralph Lauren looks like that's how it's supposed to be. 

I aspire to live in the Ralph Lauren home collection one day. Note the french newspapers on the table.
I want a driftwood horse!
Beautiful paintings and photographs of country scenes adorned the walls throughout the entire mansion.
One of the indoor staircases.
The literal Stairway to Heaven.