50th Post w/ a Reflection

This is the 50th post I've written for Plaid Is My Favourite Colour. I started this blog in the middle of March, having been reading other blogs and articles daily. When I started, I wrote about what felt 'right', what the other bloggers were writing about and I tried for a similar style, which was a bit difficult for me because I'm so interested in so many different things. I learned to write about what interests me and to write in my own way, which I'm still working on because it's tempting to write about whatever everybody else is. I've also learned to be consistent, but one great quality post a week is better than an okay quality post everyday. I think this blog is the greatest thing I could waste my time on, I'm so glad for starting it, and I can only look forward to my 100th post (and more & everything in-between).
Thank you for reading.


  1. Congrats on your 50th post!


  2. Congrats! 50 posts is awesome!


  3. Congrats!!!
    You asked for comments and follow my blog

  4. Congratulations on your 50th post! I definitely agree that it is important to write about what feels right to you and what interests you rather than following the pack. That's what makes reading blogs fun after all!

    prosecco in the park

  5. CONGRATS on your 50th post! That is such a huge deal, and I am so glad you chose to write. I completely agree about quality over quantity, and it definitely shows here.