A Herd of Horses

The sky was grey and the gravel crunched beneath us as we smoothly rolled into park. A once-majestic, now-faded, bay steed rears proudly on a dusty sign that reads, Malibu Ranch, welcoming us to the rustic land where cowboy boots seemed to be the preferred shoe. I was a bit out of place, in Ralph Lauren Carolina blue shorts, a white (!) polo, and sandals. In my defense, had I known we were going to be visiting farms, I would have dressed completely different. But, alas, I didn't, so there I was, hopping to avoid presents, for lack of better words, left by the horses in the middle of the path, on our way to the fence that separates a field of fly-bitten horses and ourselves. We reached the pasture and patted the horses, they just stood there, I think some of them might have been looking for food. All along the way, the 'ranch hands', I guess we'd call them, kept telling us to stay to the side because they were bringing horses through. Quite frankly, the only horses I saw, not in that field, were of the steel variety, and I wasn't expecting much. I didn't know how they would bring them out, or how many; I thought they would have two or three in halters and lead lines and walk them through. As we were walking back to our car, one of the cowboys, jeans, hat, and boots all present, told us to hop on a small stone wall, slightly taller than the road, but a clear barrier. A thundering of hooves erupted from behind us and I turned backwards to see a herd of galloping horses all led by a cowboy on a snow white steed, coming toward us. They moved as a team, not pinning their ears or biting or kicking one another, but galloping together.They cantered past us, each horse a bit slower than the one before, until all that was left was the old horses walking, and a tiny donkey that was cantering, but it was still the same pace as a horse walking.

That cute little donkey.

The donkey leading all the old horses.

I think this is just such a beautiful silhouette; the haze you might be seeing is dust from the horses galloping.  
These horses were more at the front of the pack. 

The cowboy leading the herd. 
Some of them stopped on the sides to nibble grass.

They paid no attention to us whatsoever while we were snapping their pictures.

This cowboy is: a) Galloping forward; b) Looking backwards; c) Holding on with one hand. And he still manages to stay on. I'm still in awe.


  1. I have fallen instantly in love with that donkey. What a sweetheart!

    1. That tiny donkey was defiantly the center of attention!

  2. these photos are stunning! I'm actually pretty terrible at horseback riding!

    Makeshift Munch