A Word on Dior Fall 2014 Couture

The Dior show, that had all fashion social media buzzing with excitement, was exactly what I expected. Which is not always a compliment. Don't get me wrong, the show was beautiful and elegant and perfectly Dior, but to be honest, looking through all of the looks on Vogue.com, my eyes got easily bored. I saw the tradition and sophistication that Dior is known for bringing to the runway, but nothing new or exciting. Classic fall and winter silhouettes in mostly white and black, with the occasional splash of primary color here and there, but nothing eye-catching or memorable. The only history book this collection will go down in, would be titled, "Dior". The show was made up of the same patterns, in different colors, and with small different details. I can't say that I expected more from Dior. I expected refinement and that's what I got. If I was going to write about new and exciting looks, I would have reviewed Alexander McQueen. I think that Dior is one of the greatest fashion houses in history, but I also think that it's important for Mr. Simons to remember that the ancestry of a brand can only account for so much, and in the end, it's really about the quality of the clothes.

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  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you on this one - I feel like so many brands, not even just in fashion, rely on their name to get them by. In order to truly be great, you have to keep innovating!

    xo, Katie