Bouchra Jarrar Fall 2014 Couture

The Bouchra Jarrar Fall 2014 Couture show was very uniform and identical. With matching soft color schemes, similar looks, and watery fabric, this collection was very pleasant and easy on the eye. 

 This style of vest was present throughout the entire show, in different hues, and some without sleeves. Note how liquid the fabric of the pants are, they appear to be floating about her legs. The entire collection was very relaxed.

 Again, a very fluid material for the skirt, all different shades of blue and violet are present in the fabric, depending on the light and movement. Same style of vest.

 The vest motif on top, with a more structured bottom than we've seen in previous looks, complete with a chunky square belt. You also notice the different shades of blue and gray, even though this material is thicker and doesn't move the same as the liquid fabric.

 This leather jacket is in the same style as the vests in former looks in this collection. Another light material, this time printed. I like the idea of light, flow-y fabric for fall; normally in the autumn and winter, fabrics are heavy and structured, but this is a nice change.

This cream color is lovely and the structure of this look is so sharp and perfect. It's structured, but moveable. A lot of times with structure you get stiff and hard to move in, but this is flexible, which is important.

I thought this was a beautiful show, and I felt I accurately summed it up in only 5 of the looks. Not outrageous, but certainly not uncreative.

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  1. Love that dress with the vest motif on top, and the top on the flowing blue skirt.