Craving Cozy Winter Fashion

Does anybody else catch themselves dreaming of snuggly sweaters and F/W fashion? I love and enjoy summer, but I'm finding that I'm getting a bit bored with it and I'm really looking forward to wearing all my knitwear, coats, and boots. A lot of brands are releasing their pre-fall and back to school collections right around this time, so that's making me think more of autumn now, too. Every summer, in about late July and August, I start thinking more and more about the fall, and I love the first month or so of it, and then I get tired and wish for winter. Winter gets cold and miserable quite fast, usually after the holidays pass I'm ready for spring. Then spring goes either super fast or super slow, normally depending on how school is going. And after spring, comes summer, and I enjoy the first couple of weeks out of school, and then I get into my current position of dreaming of winter. During spring, I got three tweed blazers from Goodwill: a heavy blend, a light, and a light with pockets (when they're cheap, you can never have too many), and I can't wait to wear them in the fall. It's in human nature to want what we can't have, I guess. But it's a great time for fall/winter shopping because many brands will have last year's collection on sale, brands are just releasing their new collections at this time, and there aren't a lot of other people who are shopping for the cold seasons now. 
I've been mainly loving anything knit, boots, anything leather, and rich colors. 

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