Dollar-Fifty-A-Day Diaries: Days 3, 4, & 5

You can read the intro and Days 1 & 2 here.

Rice w/ Beans & Corn. Basically lived on this for a week.
Day 3
Halfway there! I skipped breakfast this entire week, so let's go to lunch. We made fresh rice to have with beans and corn (everything was with beans and corn...). Everything was going as planned, I was content and even satisfied with our modest meals. It's easy to be happy when you're full. But we had a long car ride and day trip, and my dad and I only brought pancakes and water. The pancakes quickly got mushy and the flavor got boring. It didn't help that my mom ate a beautiful crab cake sandwich in front of me (the audacity was unbelievable). That really tested my willpower. It was very difficult when you are really hungry and you start to think about everything you could be eating and you just have to hang in there. Once we got home, I microwaved some pasta and beans and corn and was all better. But I learned that the trick is to not let yourself become hungry because then you want to quit. If you eat what you have and are full, you're less likely to crave other food that's out of your budget.

Day 4
Today we ate all of our meals the same as the last 3 days, but we discovered a new saving grace: oatmeal cookies. We had a lot of oatmeal left over since I wasn't eating breakfast so I took a chance and mixed some of it with water, sugar (which counted as a 'spice' so it was free), and cinnamon, rolled the mixture into balls, and popped it in the oven for a while. This was a bit risky because if it turned out inedible, then I just wasted a good amount of our precious supply of food. In hindsight, I probably should have looked up a simple recipe instead of just eyeballing all the measurements and baking it until it looked 'right'. I took them out of the oven and, surprisingly, they actually turned out decent. At that point, it had been so long since I had any form of a cookie, so it tasted great. If I had tried one of our oatmeal cookies the week before, I probably would have spit it out in disgust (okay, not literally...), but in our circumstances at the time, it tasted as good as macaroons at Harrods (best simile ever).

Day 5
This was the homestretch of our long journey. Just two more meals of rice and beans to go. I was counting down the hours. We had rice with beans and corn. We also had pasta with beans and corn. Throughout the day we snacked on our dry oatmeal cookies and drank water. To be honest, the last day was a breeze, not long and agonizing like the days before. I actually stayed up until midnight and when the clock hit 12, I ate real chocolate chip cookies with milk and a scoop of ice cream. All the waiting was worth it because it tasted better than ever before.

I think this was a very good experience for me because it taught me so many things about living and the world, and also about myself. I learned not to take all the food in our pantry and refrigerator for granted. That most of the world is not as lucky as I am. I learned to spend money wisely, because it would have been so easy to buy a bag of chips, but that wouldn't have lasted us sufficiently for a week. Also, once you have that food, you can't eat it all at once. You have to limit yourself to make sure that you can eat at the end of the week. I found I was really watching my proportions and how much food we had left. And you have to time yourself and plan out your meals because you have to cook everything beforehand and that can take some time. All in all, I think this was a great experience for me, one I certainly will do again, and with more knowledge this time around. 

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