Evolution of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has certainly evolved for the better, from wan, emotionless Bella Swan, to the effortlessly cool, rock-n-roll, face of Chanel. After the lingering Twilight saga that gave her her name, ended, she disappeared for a while, only to come back with a bang. She had been growing farther away  from the pale, unfeeling character, and moved more into herself and her own personality. Her popularity snowballed and she became the cornrowed face of Chanel's Pre-Fall 2014 campaign and Karl Lagerfeld's muse. Earlier this summer, she dyed her hair a fiery orange, and just when we thought her hair couldn't get any better, she cut half of it off, clearly proving that less is more. Just earlier this week, she appeared as a creepy, mustached, Adidas jumpsuit-wearing man in Jenny Lewis' new music video, Just One of the Guys.

Early Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in Twilight, circa 2008.

Then a big jump in time to K-Stew as Karl Lagerfeld's muse for the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 campaign. Stylish, western cowgirl with cornrows, love it.

Fire-topped Kristen, earlier this year. 

Currently rocking super cool half-chopped-off orange, with natural at the roots, and effortlessly chic waves.

With Anne Hathaway, as a creepy mustached guy in an Adidas jumpsuit for Jenny Lewis' music video, "Just One of the Guys"


  1. I really like her short asymmetrical haircut.

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