Exercising in Style

Exercising is a great thing and everyone should do it and keep healthy. But I think it's only fair to your fellow human beings that you do it in style (unless, of course, you're at home where no one can see you, then you can dress however you like). I happen to live near a public park with a track and it kills me to see people, who are trying, I will give them that, but obviously have not reached their goal weight yet (the nicest way I could put it, if you get what I mean). Exercising and healthy living is a great thing, but bringing out your old high school graduation t-shirts, with the year on it, is not great. Or the dreaded too-tight leggings with sneakers (oh, the horrors!). It's even worse when the panty lines surface (*gasp*). Or then you have the people shirtless or practically in their underwear, working out, in public. Exercise does not exclude you from following social norms of wearing clothes. Sometimes I think people think that they already look the way they will when they are finished with their work outs or diets and, let's face it, the reality is normally far from it. To avoid all these terrors, here's a little exercise style guide and some rules of thumb for you*:
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Exercising in Style
  1.  Just Stay Away From Leggings. Please. It doesn't matter your size or shape, leggings don't do anyone justice. I know they're super comfy, but leave them for cozy winter nights in an oversized sweater with hot coco. 
  2. Okay, no leggings. So sweatpants? Yes! Sweatpants work for pretty much any body type and you can actually make them look kinda chic. But I say if you're going to go baggy, then you should go baggy all the way, except for the ankles. Bring it back to skinny at the ankles so it doesn't make your legs look thick and because the contrast from baggy to skinny so quickly is actually flattering for your legs. Who What Wear actually has a slideshow on how to wear track pants in the summer (stylishly). Stay away from straight-cut. 
  3. Who doesn't love a clever pun?! Once you decide to get out of hibernation and get air, there is no need for your old t-shirts to do the same. Let your old college t-shirts lay packed up in a box peacefully undisturbed. Instead, try a clever or ironic tee or crop top (I hope you can decide for yourself which one to choose based on how far along you are on your workout plan, hint, hint). 
  4. Sneakers. Probably the most important part of the workout outfit, with sneakers I like to keep it toned down. More and more I've been noticing bright, neon sneakers flashing and glaring sunlight in my eyes, this way and that. Keep your kicks toned down; everyone does not need to be aware of your bright presence. As long as they can do what they need to properly, I don't think sneaker style matters that much. 
*If your type of exercise is equestrian sports, this does not apply to you. 


  1. I wish more people would follow these rules. Not only for exercising but also for everyday living. I can't stand women wearing leggings with a short top, no matter how fabulous their figure might be. It still looks kind of sleazy to me. Please cover your bum!


    1. Thank you, finally someone who understands....

  2. This is so great and I wish that more people thought about these things! Especially the leggings!


  3. Love the idea of trading out the college tees for a more ironic one -- and you picked a good one!


  4. This is great :) I'm a leggings kind of person, but when it's time to do some running I'm all in for sweats :)

    MJ // www.littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com