Georgetown, Day 1

Just a little update, I'll keep this one short because I'm currently writing from a hotel lobby with wobbly internet connection, and my phone's dead. If you're following Plaid Is My Favourite Colour on Instagram, then you would know that I'm in Georgetown and the Washington D.C. area this week to look at colleges, for my brother, and just explore in general. Georgetown is a very trendy town, hipsters and coffee shops in every direction. Our hotel is conveniently located, so that we can walk over a bridge, to the city, whenever. Here are my pictures so far, the ones I can get to without my phone because, as I said before, it's dead.

I love Ralph Lauren stores in any location. 
River (or lake) we passed while walking in Georgetown. 
Preppy chandelier reflected in a preppy mirror in Brooks Brothers (a preppy store). The prep level in this picture is through the roof.  
For lunch we went to Ristorante Piccolo. 
Another from Ristorante Piccolo.
This is the view form the bridge we cross to get from our hotel to Georgetown. The spires in the background are Georgetown University, one of the colleges we will be visiting this week for my brother.
Some vibrant wall art we passed in the car going to our hotel.
The staircase at Old Glory BBQ, our first meal in Georgetown.
The outdoor menu looked promising enough. 
From the floor, to the ceiling, was very patriotic.


  1. looks great, I hope you enjoy your time there!

    Nathalie | She Wears Prep