Georgetown: Day 2

The second installment of my adventures in the Georgetown/Washington D.C. area. Read Day One here

During the morning we walked around Washington D.C. and did a self-guided tour of the White House. All of the buildings were in the same style. 
Columns and American flags everywhere. I wouldn't be able to tell one building from the next, for the life of me.
I've got to say, it wasn't a very big deal for all the security we had to go through. We got to see a few rooms, paintings, china, and the like, but nothing else really. It was very toned-down and classic, compared to, say, Versailles or Buckingham Palace. Not flashy at all. I did, however, get to see the back of Beyoncé. She was on a separate, private tour, and we managed to get a glimpse of her back (she was wearing red). It's amazing how much faster my grandmother will walk when Beyoncé is mentioned.
Afterwards, we got lunch at one of those hipster, organic sandwich shops nearby. It was a bit crowded with lawyers and business people having their lunch break.
In the afternoon we went to a George Washington University open house and tour for my brother, because this trip is for him to look at colleges, anyway. By legend, if you rub the ears, tusks, or muzzle of this hippo (or water horse, as the plaque said), then it will give you good luck to do well on your exams.