Giambattista Valli Fall/Winter 2014

The Giambattista Valli Fall/Winter 2014 Couture show yesterday was not your typical dark-colored-fashionable-trench-coats-and-toned-down-evening-gowns Fall/Winter show (listen up, Chanel). Many of the looks were effortlessly chic pajama meets revamped classic ball gown, respectively, that gave the entire show an easy, relaxed glamour aura. The last time, I remember, pajamas were mentioned in fashion was when Rachel Roy wore a pajama inspired look to the premiere of One Day back in 2012. Many of the looks also featured vivid florals, which is also relatively revolutionary because florals are a huge spring trend and I only come to expect Giambattista Valli to be able to pull it off for F/W. Florals in fall aren't entirely a new idea though, because Giambattista has done them before, along with Valentino, Mulberry, and Lanvin, just to a darker background color, like a flower picture's negative film. But this time Giambattista is doing full on light and cheery spring florals. There was also a lot of black and white in the show, and black and white was also a 2014 spring trend. Here are my picks of the show, in no specific order:
I love the relaxed look of this; it looks comfortable yet sophisticated and perfectly shaped; the pajama top melts into the dress part.

 Semi-transparent flower printed skirt. 

I would love to see bright florals in NYC street style this autumn and winter. It would make the dreary dark months in the city more happy.

Horizontal stripes, risky, but done right.

Whenever patterns subtlety fade into totally different patterns, it always reminds me of this classic Mcqueen dress

This would be perfect for S/S or F/W; Giambattista doesn't even need to make a new collection.

Again, very versatile.

If anything, I think this is more Summer than Winter, but I like the idea of what they are doing; the usual winter collections are based off the seasons of the Western World, with darker colors, warmer clothes, boots, etc but we have to remember that what we would consider cold, dark, winter months, is not what it's like everywhere else in the world. 

Looks like an upside down bowl of fruit with whipped cream on top.

Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's; stylish without trying, still in the earlier hours of the day; this is something I think Audrey would approve of.

I really like this tulle skirt with the patched flower top, I think I might try making this.

 Masculine styled coat with a soft feminine tulle skirt and I think I'll have to try one of those head wraps, too.

Large dress shirt with a long printed skirt; an outfit I'll be attempting.

 Looks very cozy, but....

 Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Mr. Valli's inspiration for creating this season was a furry purple monster.

I love the color combination of purple and gray and the pattern combination of flowers and stripes. The peplum top and shape of the pants make the outfit.

Like heather blowing in the wind...

Love how it gets transparent at the bottom, this look is on the very line between formal and not.

I'm seeing more and more capes everyday...

Normally a peplum, dramatizes the waist and makes it smaller, but in this case, the whole body has the same shape, one side parallel to the other. I like that it's there almost to give a separation or border to the entire look, the shadow from the peplum acts as just a different shade to break the image up so it's not just a big blob to the eye.

Very good work, Mr. Valli, keep it up.

Read the fabulous review by the wonderful Mr. Bowles here or see all the looks from the show here.


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  2. I really like the Breakfast At Tiffany's style dress, it wouldn't suit me at all because I'm the opposite of Audrey Hepburn in every way, but it's nice to dream...

    1. You could try elements of Breakfast at Tiffany's, without going all-out Audrey.

  3. Love all the dresses! Too pretty :)

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