Happy July!

July is finally here! I am super excited for July because:
a) MY BIRTHDAY. I will be turning 13, the start of my angst-y teenage years. 
b) Greenwich Polo. We might spend a couple of Sunday afternoons there, enjoying the game and the fashion.  
c) Masterpiece Mystery. I am a huge fan of all Masterpiece productions (mystery, contemporary, and classic), I've been watching every Sunday from a very young age. Endeavour season 2 is mostly all in July (the first episode was this past Sunday, you can watch online if you missed it) and Poirot season 4 is starting at the end of July
d) More Summer. July & August are smack in the middle of summer vacation, June is a month to ease into summer and September is the month to ease out of summer (*tear*). So in July I hope to have lots of fun and maybe achieve some things on my Goals list


  1. Hi Sophia! Already a very happy birthday! Hope you can follow back my blog :) xo


  2. Hope you have a great birthday :)

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  3. I hope you'll have a nice birthday! :) Don't worry: being thirteen isn't all that bad hahah! Hope you'll achieve lots of goals!

    Please visit my blog, too! xx ❤ http://thebitchslife.blogspot.com