In celebration of my birthday, my family and I ventured into NYC for the day. I love living so close to the city, we can just decide to pop in whenever, with not much planning needed. It was very hot, but air conditioning is not exactly a scarcity on Madison Avenue. Because we walked around so much and I took too many pictures and have too much to say, I'm just going to cover the Ladurée part of our trip today. 

Ladurèe is a pastel palace of decadent, dreamy dessert, to say the least. It's a petit and modest  structure, compared to its surrounding concrete jungle, yet sweet and elegant. It is compact, but not cluttered or crowded. All the light, pastel colors, concentrated in the the small space, is ever-so-slightly overwhelming. Yes, I was overwhelmed with the rich pastries and beautiful ambiance, both sharing the same soft color scheme. It seems like everything in that space was a light hue of pink, blue, purple, green, or gray. It was a nice change from the harsh grays and blacks, or bright, popping colors one usually sees in the city. It was like a different world, one that focuses on looking to the bright side of life, and macaroons. 

The cones of macaroons in the window display reminds me of the bushes in the gardens at Versailles. Maybe they do that on purpose to subliminally remind you of France,  just in case the other signs weren't enough.
Another subtle element from Versailles. 
They really made good use of every inch of that small space.
My mother said that if she lived in the city, she would try a different macaroon flavor every week. Sounds like a good plan to me!
Everything in the bakery, from the pastry to the packaging, was perfectly pastel.
Side-view of the lovely boxes.
My brother could eat all of those macaroons in eight minutes flat. Honestly.
We bought a chocolate croissant, or pain au chocolat, and put a candle in it for my birthday. It was much better than cake.

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