Lunch at Victor's Cafe NYC

For my birthday on Tuesday, my family and I headed out to NYC for the day (my past two posts have also been about NYC). We walked around Madison for a while, then headed to 5th, but stopped on 52nd for a long awaited and well deserved lunch break at Victor's Cafe. I don't have many pictures of my meals there; I was a bit hungry so I ate whatever they brought out right away. I ordered the Fritas Cubanas, cuban style chorizo & beef sliders, with matchstick fries. The sliders were the most flavorful burgers I have ever tasted. It was chorizo in burger form. In an American burger you might find ketchup, but in this burger there was salsa instead. I made everyone at the table 'witness' the awesome taste to prove it wasn't just me. The ambiance was tropical and quintessentially Cuban.

The louvered shutters and wooden pergola lent a natural light to the place, in contrast to the hanging lanterns,  that dangled at different intervals, and gave the room an amiable warm glow. Greenery complimented the ceiling; the fans were a beautiful, elegant contraption, but did not serve much of a cooling purpose.
The only meal I managed to get a picture of before it got devoured. A creamy flan with fresh strawberries. For dessert we also had a chocolate molten cake served with coconut ice cream. The warm, rich chocolate was fantastic with the freshness of the coconut ice cream. With the coconut ice cream,  I thought it might be a bit overpowering, because most coconut flavors were, but I was clearly mistaken by this wonderful taste. 
It was a delicious and marvelous experience, I certainly recommend trying it out, and I can't wait to go again.

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