Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2014 Couture

This collection was vibrant and exciting! Not your typical Fall Couture show, at all. The wide plank hardwood floor and bright lights set the stage for this fun and ornate runway show.

Fencing mask-like veils covered the model's faces in all of the looks during the show. 

 This print is so ornate and detailed and I think I have an old pair of these shoulder-duster earrings that used to be my grandmother's.

I love this color and pattern combination, the polka-dots gave a more modern touch to this look, contrasting the old-fashioned feeling received from the blue print. 

At this point of the show, we move away from the ornate patterns and gracefully transition into a more abstract clash of fabrics sewn together. I love the shine the metallic materials give the look. 



A patchwork of patterns.

I love this color combination of the jewel greens, blues, and purples. But I'm not sure if the shawl/sweater thing is supposed to be half falling off.

I think this is a very creative style of cape that I hope I will get to try this summer. (and the list gets longer!)

 Patterns with fur is a very nice combination, almost like something spicy with ice cream, the fur is the cooling component.

All the looks from the collection were creative and beautiful. I love the patterns, embellishments, and textures from this show, although I don't think it portrayed a very strong image or feeling. I'm not sure what the designer wanted to show us with this collection, but I'm getting a feeling that maybe the designer wanted us to figure it out for ourselves, that every and any feeling or image retrieved from this show is unique to each person seeing the collection. It was elegant in its own, particular way.

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  1. You are funny! Lobster! ...Wait is that a joke??? Anyway i like this collection, i always find it hard analyzing runway trends, and seeing how I can incorporate it to my everyday wardrobe. O.o

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