P'Trique C'est Chic

While lazing about an afternoon a while back on Youtube, I stumbled upon the strange, bearded fashionista, P'Trique, who critiques better than a lot of editors and writers I know of, while maintaining a light comedic sense of humor and poking fun at the fashion world. P'Trique C'est Chic is a video series created within the fashion and beauty Youtube channel, The Platform. Hilarious and stereotypically chic, P'Trique mocks the fashion world, offhandedly dropping names and fashion-inside-jokes that if you know, you know. P'Trique's vocabulary is one frequently sprinkled with the words, chic, totes amaze, and OBSESSED. 
"Little teapot, chin down, eyes up."
His/her early videos started off with fashion cliches one could hear buzzing around in your ear if you spent too much time onVogue, Who What Wear, or the Coveteur. "Andre Leon Talley is my spirit animal.""She kept calling it 'Net-A-Porter." "It was a lot of look but you pulled it off.""I just found out I'm allergic to gluten...""If this doesn’t get me on a street style blog, I give up.""She said she was wearing Jason Wu. It was Jason Wu for Target."
'Smizing' with Tyra.
I cannot explain how funny this series is. P'Trique goes to fashion weeks and explains the trends, while maintaining that stereotypical fashionista character. P'Trique even makes his/her own music video (the lyrics are hilarious and you can even buy the song on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify). If you just want to relax and feel happy with something not serious at all, the P'Trique videos are sure to make you smile.
Check out the links below!


  1. i've seen some of the videos on youtube and have loved them!

  2. Oh the things you come across on YouTube :) gotta love it!

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