Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion

Words cannot describe my love and appreciation for Ralph Lauren. I love the image, the essence, the feeling, the aura, the illusion he creates. He has achieved the ultimate goal of any artist, to develop a world. Generally, there are multiple facets to Ralph Lauren: the English country estate side, here you get your tweeds, jodhpurs, riding boots, etc. Then there's the American dream, western, glamorous cowboy side: with the cowboy boots, fringe, denim, belt buckles and everything else like that. Lastly there is the yacht and beach type: polo's, shorts, boat shoes, things embellished with ropes and anchors. We visited the Ralph Lauren mansion on Tuesday for my birthday (we also went to Ladurée). If you have not been here before, I seriously recommend visiting. Everything is so perfect (especially the restrooms!). I think one of the reasons it seems perfect to me is that it is all done with such confidence, it makes you think that you would be crazy to think otherwise. Fake it 'til you make it; act like you are right and others will believe you are. Everything Ralph Lauren looks like that's how it's supposed to be. 

I aspire to live in the Ralph Lauren home collection one day. Note the french newspapers on the table.
I want a driftwood horse!
Beautiful paintings and photographs of country scenes adorned the walls throughout the entire mansion.
One of the indoor staircases.
The literal Stairway to Heaven.

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