Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a chain award in which bloggers are nominated and answer questions and then those blogger nominate others and it's, well, a chain.
I was nominated by MJ from Little Panda Crafts

The Rules Are:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.
Nominate a bunch of other bloggers (11 being the standard.)
Question the people you nominated.
Tell them that you nominated them.
Put the award picture on your blog. 

¡Gracias MJ!

My answers:
1. Do you watch anime?
No, a bunch of other people at my school do, but I just have never gotten into it. 
2. What do you like blogging about best?
I like sharing my thoughts and creativity with other people; I like writing.
3. Are you a soccer fan (are you watching the World Cup?)
I have been watching the highlights of the world cup, but not the full games because, especially the later games last so long!
4. Coffee or lemonade?
5. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Write a nice long blog post, sketch something, or cook.
6. Favorite flower?
Purple heather.
7. Favorite show?
Downton Abbey.
8. Favorite song?
Le Festin! (read about it in posts here and here)

I nominate:
Oops, supposed to be 11 bloggers, but I only have 3 because a lot have been nominated already!

My Questions
What is your favorite color? 
Favorite food? 
Favorite beverage?
Favorite book?
Favorite magazine?
Favorite movie?
Favorite holiday? (birthdays not counting)
Favorite season?
Happy 4th of July Everyone!


  1. congrats! thanks for sharing these fun facts :)

  2. Thanks for doing the award! So nice to learn more about you :)

    MJ //