The Tiny, Candy-Coloured Houses of Georgetown

In Georgetown, there is the crowded city area with all the shops and restaurants (and a good amount of cupcake bakeries), and there is also quieter, cozy, paper thin houses lining some of the back streets. Tiny, pastel colored things in rows lining the uneven streets of the city. A Ladurée-like color scheme, but venturing a bit farther from just light pinks, blues, and greens. The doors and shutters were painted in contrasting colors. They were beautiful to look at and there were dozens of streets like these, but those cobblestones are hard on your feet, so you can only look at so many before retreating to the relatively gentle paved roads of the main streets. 
Light blue with dark blue; flowers and greenery are always a nice touch.
Rows of beautiful, colorful houses and trees.

Because the streets are so narrow and the houses so thin, all the cars were very small, compact, and cute; my father's red RAM truck wouldn't fit.
The shutters and doors are in contrasting colors to the building, the perfecting touch.

The spire in the background is that of Georgetown University.

Some of the houses were slightly larger and had nice details like this brick arch with vines.

This photo is good to show exactly how close together and compact these houses are.

In addition to tiny cars, another very popular form of transportation in Georgetown are bicycles. They zip by everywhere.

There was also more vintage looking houses with chipping paint, faded colors, and exposed bricks.

Add vespas to our list of popular transportation. I am particularly fond of this light blue one. 


  1. Oh those coloured houses are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I wish all houses were like these...