Vanilla SoftLips

Around springtime, I used up the last of my favorite lip balm, a SoftLips in Vanilla. I loved the smell, flavor, and pure softness of it, and the fact that it is a skinny, rounded lip balm, rather than the normal squat thick ones. Some lip balms will make your lips very wet and glossy (can be bad if you have messy hair), and some will do absolutely nothing and leave your lips dry, but this is the best in my experience, moist but not wet, smooth and light, and it has an SPF of 20. I have been looking for the same one for quite a while now; everywhere I looked they seemed to be that they didn't carry them, it sold out, misplaced, etc. My brother has some camping trip thing coming up and we had to get him his supplies, so we traveled to a Walmart, which is always interesting, to say the least (I normally don't like tagging along on these trips, but we were right in the area). We were right at the counter, candy bars and People magazine in sight, and I noticed the SoftLips label. The container said berry lip balm, but I looked in anyway. There, shining in all its stark white glory, was my vanilla SoftLips. I snatched it up right away and put it on the counter to pay. I was much happier than most people are when buying a lip balm.

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