Why I Write (Blog Hop)

I was nominated to answer this Why I Write Blog Hop by Isabelle from Notes From Delft. (It's really great she nominated me because I was finding no inspiration what so ever for today's post.)

I'm going to write who I nominate up here instead of at the bottom. 

There was no official picture for this so I made my own. Yay creativity!
What am I working on?
I am working on making my writing rich and interesting to paint a picture of sorts in my readers' minds. I want to capture an emotion, place, or anything really, accurately, so as to transport anybody reading my work. My goal would be met and I would be so happy if the person reading something I wrote, felt what I felt when I was writing it, from what I conveyed in words. I pretty much want to write like Hamish Bowles. I'm also working on my editing skills since I make a lot of typos, because most of the time I just have rushes of my ideas and I read it over in my head and it always sounds fine in my head.

How does my writing vary from others in my genre? 
I'm not really sure what genre I'm in, I call it a 'fashion and lifestyle blog' but I dabble in a bunch of other different categories, too. I also don't really think of this as a 'blog' and I don't like calling it that. Like I say in my About Page, this space is just a place to write what I want, as in, not with a prompt or something for English class, and to practice my writing so I could turn it into a professional paying job, because, again, English isn't giving me the practice I need and want. I think I differ from others in my genre because I'm younger than a lot of other writers from other blogs, so I can look at things with a more unbiased opinion and be more open and honest (I know I was pretty honest about Dior). Like I said in the answer above, I'm working on making my writing rich and descriptive, so I actually learn how to write better from reading other articles and blogs, rather than from English class itself (sorry for all the hate on English classes; I really do enjoy them, though). This isn't 'just a fashion blog' or 'just a lifestyle blog'; it's my mind and thoughts.

Why do I write what I do?
How will anybody ever remember what people do if nobody writes it down?

How does my writing process work?
I have a very unorganized, all over the place, writing process, but it works for me. I get an idea of something interesting that I want to write about, then I fill the title in. If I don't have time, I'll just save it there and come back to it later. If I do have time then I will pause and start thinking about the topic, researching, getting my thoughts a bit collected. Then I type everything out in a big blob of thought really fast, usually to music of some sort. Then I go through it and make it flow better, fix grammatical errors, and any necessary photos or links. Sometimes I can write great posts in half an hour, sometimes I'll struggle, on and off, with a post for  a day. With some posts, after I publish them, I feel like there is more I have to say on that topic, that I couldn't possibly fit into one post, so I need to make a similar, yet different, post in the future. All posts are different and take different amounts of energy to make, but everything is worth it for that satisfying feeling of clicking, 'publish'. 


  1. Great stuff, Sophia! Love your answer to why you write what you do.

  2. awesome post lovebug, thanks so much for tagging me!

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