Chorizo Burgers

While in NYC, I went to lunch at Victor's Cafe and had some pretty amazing chorizo burgers, amazing enough to inspire me to recreate them myself. Very simple, very tasty; my kind of recipe. Sorry for it being so general, we eyeballed everything.


  • Package of chorizo sausages 
  • Ground beef or turkey
  • Some oil (not too much) 
  • Salt & pepper
  • Optional
    • hamburger buns
    • tortillas
    • lettuce
    • salsa
    • any other condiments you feel necessary. 

  1. Take the casing off and cook the chorizo thoroughly in a pan with some oil. Add more or less chorizo to the ground beef depending on your flavor preference. 
  2. Cut into little pieces and add to the uncooked ground beef/turkey; use salt and pepper if necessary. 
  3. Shape that mixture into patties. 
  4. Cook or grill as you would normally cook burgers. 
  5. Serve either in a bun or in a tortilla, with salsa, and condiments. 
I like my chorizo burgers chopped up in a tortilla with lettuce, salsa, and cheese, or on top of a salad with all the same condiments.


  1. Looks so good! You're so creative for re-creating it :)

    MJ //