I just came across this creative new Instagram account through an article at Vogue.com, @CopyLab; turning classic works of art and photography contemporary, through fashion. Easily a new favorite Instagram account. 

Venus looking fabulous in a Nasty Gal swimsuit. 
Kim Jong Il showing who's boss (literally) in a Prada coat. 
This sad-looking girl should certainly cheer up; she's got YRU shoes via Nasty Gal on. 
Frida Khalo for Céline. This would be the best campaign ever.
If this was real, the entire story of the Bible would change because Jesus (or anyone) wouldn't dare break a Hermès bag, let alone share it with his disciples. 
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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! This is a pretty hilarious instagram account. I'll definitely have to check it out further.

    - Kelsey