Downton Abbey Season 5 First Looks!

PBS just released the first glimpses of Downton Abbey Season 5 and they are looking pretty promising! If you remember back in July they released a short clip that didn't have too much to it. These pictures are a step up, but they still leave us guessing about what's to come. And of course, our friends across the pond get to watch seasons in the autumn, while we in the US have to wait until January! I know this is only fair because it is, indeed, a British show so it only makes sense that Britain gets it first, but this seriously makes me want to move to England for the fall, then come back to the US to watch it again in January! A lot of things were left unanswered at the end of last season, so I'm really excited to see what Mr. Fellowes and the team have in store for us.
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This is an interesting array of characters. I don't spy any fresh faces, but I love the fact that itty-bitty George and Sybbie are included and Isis! The best character in the whole show by far is Isis. 

Loving the tweed; along with the great story of Downton Abbey, I also love watching for the great, quintessentially English fashion, especially when they go hunting.

I also hope to see the relationship between Carson and Mrs. Hughes develop more.

Little Sybbie has grown up a bit!

I hope Anna & Bates work everything out, although Mr. Bates has shown a dark side this past season.

I would love for Daisy to be promoted, but I don't want her, or Mrs. Patmore, to leave Downton.

I don't necessarily like Thomas, but I do feel bad for him and I hope things get better for him.

I am not sure if he is a new face or if I just don't remember him, but I do want to know why he's standing with Cora.

The little heir George has grown up, too! I love his little sweater and blazer.
Pictures and more information here! (Don't worry, no spoilers included)


  1. I am addicted to Downton Abbey - it will be a struggle waiting for it to come back on in January!

    1. I know - we'll have to try hard not to look up any spoilers from England.

  2. This show is on my very long list of shows I am dying to start watching, I just have no time!
    Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Hope to hear from you!

    1. Too many shows to watch, too little time... A struggle I am familiar with.