Going Back to School

When you first get into the back to school season, about mid-July or so, you get really excited and happy for fall's arrival. You think about the clothes, the school supplies, the shopping in general, but you don't think about actually going back to school. I got a letter today from my school confirming orientation dates, and the truth hit me. In only 3-ish weeks I will be back in school, back in routine. Waking up at 6:30. Oh joy. I remembered all the assignments, teachers, my peers. Defiantly not looking forward to it as much as before. While fellow fashion bloggers are going to fashion weeks in September I'll be finding the circumference of circles sitting at a desk. It's going to be hard going back this year because I've got a blog to write in addition to my academic responsibilities. Talking to others in my grade is always a bit frustrating (Everyone should know who Alexander McQueen is...), but I've managed it all the other years so I don't see why this one should be any different. (In fourth grade I had to argue with a kid (yes, in that grade) that whales were not plants, but living, breathing mammals. I don't even want to know where he got that idea from). I am, however, cheery about finally getting to wear my white, eyelash fringe, Guess dress I scored from Goodwill for only $12! We have to wear a white dress for some sort of ceremony thing in 8th grade, I don't really know what for, or care, as long as I get to wear my dress. It's the simple things that keep you going.

Annndddd I leave you with this lovely picture of sheep in a countryside, from Pinterest, because countryside photos, sheep, and Pinterest also keep me going through the school year. Wishing of next summer already.

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