High n' Low: Altuzarra for Target

The Altuzarra for Target lookbook is here at last! I love it when high fashion brands collaborate with Target, not only for my own personal wardrobe, but because I feel it does good for the community. It gives people who might not necessarily be familiar with high fashion brands, or not able to afford them such as moi, a chance to have them. There's no shame in wanting to be stylish without spending an arm and a leg, and no shame in wearing Target, despite P'Trique's "She said she was wearing Jason Wu. It was Jason Wu for Target." I loved the Calypso St. Barth for Target collaboration in 2011/2012, but you either have to get there really early, or go to one in the middle of nowhere because everything sells super fast. Blink and you'll miss it. Mark your calendars for September 14th to get your hands on this collection fast! It's a Sunday and I bet by Tuesday, or even Monday, everything will be sold out. Here are my favorite looks, and you can see all of them here.

Look #3 - I love this structured dress, the crane embroidery, lapels, and slit are nice details to keep this from being a boring black dress. If your current LBD is getting a bit outdated, this will certainly revamp your wardrobe.

 Look #9 - A timeless look; all of the pieces are great on their own, and all together is even better! 

 Look #10 - I love the python tee shirt, a nice replacement for your average cotton one. This is so stylish and all of these pieces you use in other outfits; these are investment pieces and they can be used for anything and everything.

Look #13 - A nice take on a classic look, redone with a printed oxford instead of a solid one for a bit of fun; note that this look has the same skirt, belt, and boots as the look above, and several others. Versatility is key.

Look #15 - A great price for a dress like this and these shoes can be dressed up or down.

Look #16 - This is a beautiful, elegant, dress, it would be very dark without the white cuffs and lapels, a nice detail.

 Look #20 - This dress is in the red family, but not quite a warm color. It can be used for fall/winter or spring/summer. It looks comfortable, but not slouchy

Look #21 - I love this velvet blazer, not your typical black blazer, with both a different color and material. This blouse can be dressed up, like in this look, or pair it with white jeans for a relaxed, beach-y look. And these pants are cropped with a contrasting stripe down the side, all the elements to make you look taller. 

 Look #23 - Although this is a black blazer, it's a peplum blazer so it's still not your typical. Again, the blouse can be used in so many different ways, along with the tuxedo ankle pants and heels.


  1. 13, 16, and 20 are my favourites. I also love that velvet ruby blazer. Nice collection! xxx

    1. I know, the blazer on its own is perfect. I love the color.