Looking Forward to August & Remembering July

Looking Forward: August is upon us already! For most of us, this is our final month of summer vacation (the sad truth) and the month in which we realize all the things we were supposed to do, didn't, and now must cram into 3 short weeks before school and/or work starts. For me, that means to finish my required summer reading, buy a new uniform, purchase school supplies, and other tasks I put off until this point. The end of summer and the arrival of autumn also means that I'll have to spend more time on school work and less for writing. This July I accomplished my goal of blogging everyday for a month (31 days in July and I had 32 posts, oh yeah!), but in the fall I'll probably have time only for bi-weekly, or even once a week, which is going to be very hard because I've been doing so well during the summer. It'll be hard waking up in the mornings, leaving my dog (in the summer, I'll stay home with him all day long), putting on a uniform, and learning at 7:30 in the morning (writing this is making me very sad). The only thing that makes it worse is that just when you're getting used to it all, it starts to get cold outside, Mother Nature wants you to stay in your cozy bed and skip school, because why go out into the cold when it's nice and warm in your bed? Very sneaky, Mother Nature. But do not fret; summer is not over yet (didn't even mean to make that rhyme), there is still time to finish all unchecked on your list, enjoyable to do, or otherwise.

Remembering: July was a very successful month for me. As I said above, I wrote everyday this month, with topics varying from butter, to Italian sign language, to Bouchra Jarrar, to Kristen Stewart, to Ladurèe, and everything in between. I also finished reading Grace Coddington's book, Grace: A Memior (I know I'm a bit late with this considering it came out in 2012, but I just found it in my library. Better late than never...). For a week in July, my father and I did the Live Below the Line food challenge (read about it in posts here and here). My birthday was in July, we went to NYC for the day, the Ralph Lauren MansionLadurèe, and Victor's Cafe were some of my favorites. My aunt's birthday is the day after mine, so we also went to visit her in the country; we specifically went to Grey Towers Historical Site and to Malibu Ranch. I reviewed 4 runway shows during the month of July (Giambattista Valli, Dior, Bouchra Jarrar, and Maison Martin Margiela). Also, we went to Washington D.C. for a week, in fact I'm still in D.C. and writing this from the hotel room. July was a fabulous month, and in August I plan to use my creativity more by making and sewing things, inspired to create by all the new August/September magazines. And after August ends my well-deserved break and brings me to the harsh world of 8th grade. This post is bittersweet. 


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