Rising Fashion Icon: Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery always manages to catch your attention on, and off, the red carpet. She's always up there in the list for best dressed, and for a valid reason. Her style is classic, but not traditional (much like one of her many characters, Lady Mary Crawley). You normally spot her in a classical silhouette, with bright and fun colors. And although her looks do not look the same at all, they are all distinctly in her style, therefore the same category, but this is not true for many other celebrities. The different looks fit her and her character, but I think if somebody else wore all of them it wouldn't work at all.

I love this for obvious reasons (hint: the title of this blog...)

This has to be my favorite look, I think.

Even casual she's classic.

She wore this to the 66th Emmys only yesterday, I do stay on top of things, and it was a bit out of the typical-Michelle-Dockery-zone, but I think it worked.


  1. I thought the Emmy's dress was a nice combination of cool summer colours.

  2. So many classic looks! I love the one from the Emmy's!

    xo ClassToCloset

  3. That golden globes dress is gorgeous!

  4. Update: Vogue just released their 10 best Emmy 2014 looks - of course Michelle was on it!

  5. I have to agree - she nails it every time ! Just perfect taste.

  6. Wow, she really is unique! I also love every single costume in which she acts as Lady Mary. They are amazing.