Sloane Ranger

Their slogan says it all: Never Flashy. Always Confident. Although the brand was only established in 2011, Sloane Ranger is a title that goes waaaayyy back (80s and beyond). The official definition, official meaning according to Wikipedia, is a stereotype in the United Kingdom of young, upper class, or upper-middle class, people who share distinctive and common lifestyle traits. The name, 'Sloane Ranger' comes from an area in Chelsea, England, and a play on the Western character, "the Lone Ranger". Women sloanes, especially those who might be involved in equestrian activities, would be seen around wearing Hermes, or similar, headscarves tied below the mouth, to further the Lone Ranger image. Sloanes have evolved to the UK equivalent to a US prep. I first heard of Sloane Ranger when I saw their bags at the Devon Horse Show, this past Memorial Day. Later I went on to read my mother's old copy of The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook and The Sloane Ranger Diary (circa 1982-ish). Both were highly amusing (and the tiniest bit relatable. Tiniest.), and I recommend them for some light, humorous reading.

Anyway, a friend of mine gave me this Sloane Ranger anchor zip wallet for my birthday, and I love it! The fabric is high quality, sturdy, and cleanable, plus the print is great. I got the navy with white anchors, but it also comes in stripes, whales, horses, dots, flowers, and then some. And they also make duffel bags, cross-bodies, clutches, and totes in the same print so you could get a whole matching set. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Sloane Ranger for some quintessentially sloane (yes, it's an adjective) accessories and apparel along with their blog for sloane lifestyle.

My Sloane Ranger collection.

Goes perfectly with this bracelet from Charming Charlie's

From their website; the definition of a Sloane Ranger. 

Another from their website. 


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