Spotlight On the Vibrant Doors of Georgetown

I know you might be a bit tired of me writing about Georgetown, but there was just so much to see and I've got so much to write! My last Georgetown post was about the colorful houses lining some of the hills of back streets. Today, I bring to you another post about the buildings, this one specifically focused on the doors. The colors of the houses themselves were truly remarkable, but what catches my eye is how the doors and shutters are painted in contrasting color, so it's not just a big, solid colored box. Similar to building an outfit, you must have contrasting elements to break it up. I snapped a couple examples of this, but you really have to be there to experience the character and story felt with each weathered brick and each panel of wood; a fresh coat of paint may show on top, but the history of the original structure is still there.

The colors!

I always love a red door...


  1. beautiful!!! it's like each door has its own character!!

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  2. Love this! I actually went to a university near Georgetown and it was always one of my favorite places to be!

    1. It's so beautiful, I think if I lived nearby I would always be stopping by Georgetown.