Sussex County Farm & Horse Show

On Friday, I went to the last day of the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show. I'm always into anything concerning farm animals and the like. We've been going for the past 2 years and it's always the highlight of my summer. It just makes me wish that animals like that were legal in my town. In our city, we aren't allowed to have chickens, goats, cows, or any farm animals, mainly because the town is compact and suburban, but still. People always think I'm crazy for having so much knowledge on livestock (knowledge I've never had the opportunity to put to practice, unfortunately), but one can dream. 
The only place I can wear my cowboy hat and fit in. Even though I ride horses, I ride English, so it still wouldn't make sense there. This cow was so soft. 

This cow liked to lick me; there is always a cow at the show who licks me. Always.
Their faces are so sweet. If you're new to this blog, just know that I normally don't play with farm animals.

I had to take a selfie with a cow.

Some of the sheep had jackets on to keep themselves clean...
... Some more fashionable than others.  
Cow licking my hair. I gave myself a good shampooing when I got home.
This rooster was an award winner. Yes, chicken awards. 
So fluffy! Some of them looked like Oakley...
I love bacon... but I also like to see the cute piggies. Bittersweet.
Cows, cows everywhere. And when you've got cows everywhere, the cows also leave you surprises everywhere...

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