The Textures of Dolce & Gabbana

Yesterday, to savor the last of my free days before school starts, I went for lunch and window-shopping at Neiman Marcus (at the Short Hills Mall). I always enjoy browsing through the racks of high-end clothing that I can't afford, but it was even better this time because I'd reviewed most of these collections before, and seeing them up-close sprouted new ideas from the details. I particularly relished the Dolce & Gabbana collection. I reviewed the runway show and collection back in June, but when viewing it from a blurry laptop screen, you don't quite catch all the details. Actually holding the clothes in my hands, seeing and feeling the details, was really amazing. Being up-close to the clothes I gazed at from my laptop was incredible; like I was already part of a secret by seeing the collection online, but I got the other half of that secret by feeling it between my fingers. It was like being next to a piece of great art; surreal almost.

Photographed, you clearly see that there is a print, but close you notice that there is a print on the fabric (a lovely painted effect with great detail), and that it's a very thick fabric, with floral embellishments. Not even this photo shows how lovely of a texture it is.
You really don't see the detail from the pictures and videos.
I was really amazed at how thick the fabrics were. Thick, but not heavy. 

Italian Mosaic.

Unlike the others, this fabric was light and flowed like liquid.
Engraved and printed.

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  1. So many pretty dresses!