What to Look Out for This Fall

I've rounded up all the trends to-be for this fall, from various sources, because I like my readers to be on top of things.

Vibrant, Monsters-like Fur Coats. From Vogue.com
This Giambattista Valli coat (on the left) also falls into this category. Read my full review of Giambattsta Valli here

Boot-Cut Pants. Note that the first look is also knitted (double-trend!)

Texture Blocking. Like color-blocking, matching different textures for a contrast.
From Tatler.com
From The New Yorker Fashion Issue. Remember this post on how food was becoming a popular fashion inspiration?
Faux-Food Accessories
Shearling Coats. Pictured above is a look from the Burberry Prorsum Collection. Read my full review for that collection, all the way back in March, here. (I warn you, my writing might not be up to par at that early point in my blog...)
Florals. I first noticed florals for fall on my review of the Dolce and Gabbana 2015 f/w show. To make them fall florals, rather than spring, a darker background color is used.
Dark, Classic Coats are always seen in fall, hence the 'classic'. How you style it is what may make it 'trendy'...
Red and Blue Dresses. I'm glad to see color this fall. This will be a nice change from the usual, earthy palettes that you see during fall.
Dramatic Gloves. I am actually quite happy about this because my mother has all these vintage, dressy gloves that I would love to wear, but never seem to have anywhere where it wouldn't look ridiculous. But I suppose part of being original and unique is looking ridiculous at times...
This Black & White trend is not surprising because we saw so much black and white in the spring collections. Black and white has been and will be a yearlong trend.

Remember to stay true to your style this fall, no matter the trends. Trends will come and go every season, but only your style will stick with you forever.


  1. I love that blue colour! Interesting post

    1. Just seen your dogs name Below-amazing!! I have a tortoise called Lord Edwin Goji Berry of Haslemere

    2. That's a very creative name for a tortoise! I always like long names for pets, not only are they fun, but they make them seem more regal and important.

  2. Great post! Can't wait to see and buy clothes that fall into these trends!