A Bouquet of Links, for Your Leisurely Saturday.

The title pretty much explains it all.

I think I'll ease our way out of fashion week by starting off with The Best Street Style from New York Fashion Week, via Vogue.

Since I go to middle school, I'm subjected to seeing girls wearing so much makeup, they look more like a frosted cake than human beings, on a daily basis. But, thanks to Marc Jacobs' Spring 2015 show, wearing only moisterizer might, hopefully, become a more popular makeup technique, and save all those girls so much time, they might actually get to class on time. What a miracle that will be.

With London fashion week just starting, I thought I might share with you Vogue's Fashion Blogger's Guide to London, just in case any of you fellow bloggers are lucky enough to experience it, complete with all the best WiFi hotspots, cafes, and much more.

This debate-like article on New York versus London for more fashion week buzz was a very interesting read.
Finally, Charming Charlie's Fall Equestrian collection is out online and in stores! Some very stylish (and cheap) pieces for autumn.

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