An Eventful After-School Visit to Fashion Week

Yesterday, after school and homework, I was lucky enough to have an amazing mother that was willing to drive me into the city, on a weeknight, so I can get a sliver of fashion week. She also partly brought me because it was/is all I talk/ed about and to show me that I wouldn't see anything special. I sure proved her wrong. I was very strategic in the planning of my day and I finished all of my homework during lunch, recess, and study-halls so that I could have the rest of the evening free to rush home, change, then run back out into rush hour traffic to get to Lincoln Center. As soon as you get there, the creativity and hope in the air is indestructible. There's the actual fashion show entrances, but the main attraction is the people. You see all sorts of characters and costumes milling about, taking photos, and posing for them. There are many hopefuls and wannabes (I suppose I might be one of them, but definitely not as adventurous), but there were also famous people that I had to look twice at to make sure that it was them, and even when I did, I still couldn't believe it.

It's surreal up close and filled with creative people.

 The models were unbelievably tall, and the heels didn't help.

 I saw these Saint Laurent pants on four different people (both men & women).

A little plaid is always appreciated here, but I'm not sure about plaid, cheetah, and a stain-glass window print. Whatever floats your boat.

 It was like nothing was out-of-the-ordinary or too extreme. Everyone was very comfortable and accepting with each other.

 I brought sun glasses, but I took them off pretty early on because I wanted to see all the colors as they were.

 Spotted the talented Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist. I don't think I really need to include who he is or his website, but I will anyway. I really had to look twice. If you are familiar with any of his blog posts, Instagram posts, or books, then you know he really has a great eye and sees things differently.

 He was so approachable and kind, and very humble when we asked him if he was, indeed, the Sartorialist. He asked me for a card for my blog, of course I didn't have any (note to self: make cards), but he said that he liked the title of my blog, which was amazing coming from him.

 We see you, Grace! I can spot that hair from a mile away.

We waited by the exit of the show to see all the people come out, and all of a sudden Grace Coddington was in front of me! I really couldn't believe my eyes.

 Grace Coddington and Tonne Goodman waiting for their town car.

 She was very nice, but I was literally speechless. On the car ride home, and even as I'm writing this, I was pinching myself to believe that I actually met Scott Schuman and Grace Coddington within the same day. I was overwhelmed with the fashion, my only fashion outlet, normally, is this blog, and seeing so much at once was overwhelming, in a fantastic way. One of the best, if not the best, afternoons of my life.

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