Ann Demeulemeester Women/Men Spring 2015

Ann Demeulemeester's Spring 2015 show yesterday during Paris fashion week was very textured, with fabric ranging from sheer to leather, and mostly all black & white, but it wasn't an obvious black & white, in fact it seemed colored while you were watching it, only seeing all the looks together did you realize that it was the color scheme of newspapers and movies from the 1930s. While I was watching the show, all from the comfort of my laptop of course, there was something in the back of my head that said I've seen this before. This is not unusual, there's a lot of copycat designers out there that just mimic others, but I know Ann Demeulemeester wouldn't just copy anybody, so I wanted to find out who, but I couldn't exactly place where I've seen it before. Only after quite a bit of googling and research did I find out that the only place I've seen these looks before was in the men's show by the same designer!

Even details like transparent fabric, heavy collars, and black & sliver shoes are the same.

I think I kind of like the matchy-matchy-ness. Whether it was intended or not, although I'm not sure how you can make such a similar collection and not be aware of it.

Of course the feminine version will fit and flow differently to the masculine version, but the resemblance is still evident. 

I love these two particularly because of all the almost identical details - white pants, both black & white in the shoes, the collars, transparent fabric, even their hair and the way they're caught walking in the photo is similar. 

Serious question: How can he walk down the runway with that hair in his eyes?!

I feel like they should trade hairstyles.

Even though they are similar, the women's look is a much softer, feminine fabric, and the man's outfit is made out of a much stiffer material.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Ann Demeulemeester is making a reliable look for her name, so when you see an Ann Demeulemeester dress, or suit, you know it's her's; while secretly giving us a sneak peak for the women's collection in hidden in the men's collection.

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