Balancing Acts @ Balenciaga Spring 2015

If you've read any other runway reviews that I've written, then you know that I'm always talking about balance. Everything in life is really based on balance, no one side should ever overpower the other; to perfect most things in life you must find a balance: something that is easily enough understood, but more difficult to live by. And that balance doesn't always have to be two perfect halves, sometimes it'll be a little more of something in exchange for less of something else. When I'm looking at collections I always look to see if the elements in the individual looks are balanced, and if the entire collection put together is balanced. If half the show is soft and ballet inspired and the other half is an edgy rock n' roll, then that doesn't work. It isn't cohesive, it isn't a group. But if each look in the show has elements of soft ballet pinks and edgy rock n' roll factors then it works. Balance, balance, balance, Balenciaga; such a similarity in names and sounds is no coincidence: if the Balenciaga Spring 2015 show was to be described in but one word, that word would have to be balanced.

The Matrix all the way.

Soft texture and color with sharp lines.

Netting is an odd material because although it's normally thought of and used in edgier fashion, it can have some elements  of softness to it, as in the example below.

It's still netting, but much softer.

This look makes me think of those styrofoam, plastic-y netting covers that sometimes goes over fruit in supermarkets. Probably not what the designer had intended.

Again, sharp lines contrasted by a feathery bottom, and brought together by the horizontal band across the middle. The arrow-head like top is balanced out by the swimsuit-onezie (for lack of better words) on the bottom.

The symmetry and geometry of this look is very balanced. I feel like I've written the word balance so many times in this post, even though that's what it's all about.

Really loving these long coats with lapels.

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Lesson From the Runway: Balance is key.

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