Blumarine Spring 2015 via Milan Fashion Week

Watching the Blumarine spring 2015 show made me wish for a warmer paradise, especially in today's crisp autumn air. Even the name brings tropical vibes along, like I should be in shallow water made up of every shade of blue, sipping something fruity, with the coral-colored sand acting as a natural exfoliator to the roughness my feet get from work and weather. Writing this is both agony and joy at the same time. The designs were simple and elegant, yet intricate and detailed; just as tropical flowers, beautiful corals and shells, and other of the natural elements that make up those lush, equatorial environments are. Unlike many other spring/summer shows, this one actually made me wish for and think of spring and summer, and shouldn't that be the goal of any S/S show?

The perfect illusion of simplistic, vibrant flowers, not leaving out a single detail.

A more structured, wearable version, but the message and image still remains.

Shifts are the ball gowns of the tropics.

The color and pattern conveys the perfect image of crystal blue water complete with a wealth of coral and aquatic life.

In this look we move away from the water a bit, and more onto the mainland, but the lush vegetation remains.

It may be black and white, but the texture of the fabric still implies some type of floral, which seems to be a motif, along with coral and sea life.

With this look I almost get an old-movie-glamor-in-the-tropics feel because of the glamorous silhouette and the black and white.

One of the more sophisticated and clean looks in the collection.

This dress is of a barely-there nature, but not in the usual way. This is barely-there in that the fabric is a sheer pattern, but pretty modest in the cut, save the plunge neckline.

I love how the blue intensifies at the middle and then eventually fades out into white at both ends; it gives the illusion of looking out of the window of a plane and viewing teal colored water turn into sand on an island from above.

This last aqua look also provokes an image of water diminishing into sand, but this one isn't from an airplane, this is the close up you see once you've landed and are walking the endless shore, warm sun on your face, the ocean's breeze in your hair, and the sand working it's way into every possible crack and crevice. 

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