Classic French Inspiration for Paris Fashion Week

The final fashion week has begun! This will be the last major one until it all starts again in February for the fall collections, and then again next September. Next September seems ages away, and it's not really something I enjoy thinking about so soon. It seems like yesterday I was writing about Day One of Milan fashion week, probably because it was only last Thursday, and then it seems farther away that I was writing about London and New York fashion weeks, and then I remember that this has all been in the month of September, and that September's not even over yet! It's been a very busy September, so far. I know I say that I've been looking forward to each fashion week in all my different posts, but fashion weeks are not like family members or books: I do have favorites. I think all of them are a home to both shows that already have a strong base and foundation, and shows that are just starting and figuring things out. My personal favorites have to be New York and Paris, even though I do love the culture and heritage that comes along with London and Milan. With Paris fashion week just starting up, I've been getting into a more French mood, little steps at a time: I bought a croissant at the farmer's market over the weekend, I've been keeping that effortless, Parisian chic look in my head while getting dressed, and I've been watching the 1998 Les Miserables on Netflix. So all of that basically makes me French now. I've also been exploring for classical French inspiration, which tended to send me to Marie Antoinette, Versailles, and Ladurée type things, as you can see by the photos below:

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about classic France, is Marie Antoinette. 
And the modern Marie also comes to mind.

And when you think about Marie, you also have to think about the magnificent palace where she stayed, Versailles. I was lucky enough to see Versailles in person the summer after last, and it was amazing, blinding almost, with the amount of gold, everywhere. The entire palace sparkled.
Let them eat cake! 
Quaint little side streets and cozy cafes definitely make me think Paris.
A classic painting of a Parisian strolling along... how peaceful...

How could I have Paris inspiration without a photo from Les Mis? Do you hear the people sing...

I also made a Pinterest board; the best way to store inspiration!

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