Dilemmas of Being 13 During Fashion Week

Sigh. This is really a rant post. Where do I start? There are so many dilemmas to being a 13-year-old fashion writer during fashion week. The first, and probably most obvious, is that I'm stuck in school during all the fun. All my fellow fashion people are attending shows and parties and I'm memorizing dates of colonization in America. Even if I didn't have school, I probably wouldn't go to any shows, but it would still be nice to stay on top of all the latest everything. Instead I get information hours later, after both school and homework are finished, and by then I'm too frazzled from the day's activities to really think about or take anything in. It's especially hard because I just came off a summer where I focused 24/7 on this blog and writing. And suddenly I'm thrown into a fashion writer's dreamland - fashion week, but with the fashion writer's worst nightmare - not being able to be there and be up-to-date on everything. I understand that school is important, I'm just depressed that fashion week and school seem to have collided schedules. Over the summer, I feel like I've grown a connection, a sentimentality, with fashion people who don't know me - Ralph Lauren, Garance Doré, Hamish Bowles, many other fashion writers, bloggers, and photographers, and seeing them all at fashion week from my computer screen is like seeing all your friends at a party that you weren't invited to. It hurts. I'm getting really tired of watching shows from my computer screen. But I'll wait; my time will come. I've got a split personality, two modes to myself; one is a 13-year-old middle school student, the other is a 50-60-something year old fashion writer. Old people are my spirit animals.

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Hamish Bowles and Chloe Malle, and Vogue and Saks, celebrate at the Met for their new book.
When I saw this photo, it was like seeing a photo of all your friends at a party without you. Read more about that event at Vogue.com.
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Corny phrase - I know.
P.S. This is my 100th post! Hooray!


  1. Hi! I love this beautiful, babe

  2. Great look Miss!

  3. Haha I feel you. I'm an old soul too and missing fashion week :P