Favorite Looks From Milan Fashion Week Day 1

Milan fashion week is already upon us! Didn't London fashion week seem to zoom by?! Maybe it's because New York's seemed to drag on so much... Anyway, I'm always a fan of Italy's confident, dazzling, and content (maybe a bit smug?) fashion. When I think of classic Italian fashion, I think of Dolce & Gabbana, especially these past seasons. I love their jolly, quintessentially Italian ad campaigns. I love when a fashion house ties in their mother country's heritage; Burberry, Ralph Lauren, YSL, Michael Kors, Mulberry, Yohji Yamamoto, and many more. Milan fashion week has just begun, and hopefully we can savor it a bit longer than London. 

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Fausto Puglisi going for the gold (and getting it) in his Spring 2015 collection.

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I like the combination and balance of florals with the sharp, structured squares in the background of the print.

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A magnificently executed gown; it gives you a fresh feeling, like flowered vines weaving through lattice in a peaceful park somewhere far away... 

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I liked the more structured looks from Gucci, like a glamorous traveler on the run from city to city.
I saw this look from Fausto Puglisi, thought it looked familiar, and found the similar look I was searching for in Tome's Spring 2015 collection, from New York fashion week earlier this month.
Tome Spring 2015, presented at New York fashion week.

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  1. The second look shown in this post is my absolute favourite, so playful and yet ethereal! I agree that LFW went ridiculously quickly, but I'm definitely enjoying all of the posts on the fashion weeks all the same! :)

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